Monday, July 03, 2006

Hope for a world in sadness! this will change your life

My favourite movies are silent black and white films, with grand sets, thousands of extras and beautifully orchestrated music that evokes emotion as the film peaks its story. My favourite is "Modern Times" by a multimedia mogul perhaps the earliest Charlie Chaplin a genius man who wrote directed orchestrated and starred in all of his own films also creating one of the worlds most memorable characters, the tramp,. Nearly Ninety years after his creation of this character I dressed in a tramp costume I designed for halloween and people from all walks of life all ethnicities, races knew the character and there was such excitement, if there was a modern day character that brought such joy and hope in a time where the world was suffering, sort of like now, would we remember it as well. I wonder...
Do what you can , smile at someone you would not normally , say hello to someone you dont know, lift up your chin and say I can do it I can change my life for the better and my world for the better, never believe that there is no hope because once upon a time I had nothing and now after years of taking baby steps, my world has begun..
When someone says you will never succeed in your dream say yes I will, as a child I never had support for what I believed in but I believed in me and I did it. The world is full of diversity everyone is beautiful and intelligent in their own way be you straight, gay, fat, thin, the norm or not. Who is to say what the norm should be, you are who you are, believe in that dont try to change for others or try to please them because in the end no matter how hard you try they are never happy and you are miserable.
Love what and who you are , and if you dont, take a deep look at what it is that is making you unhappy and change it, but thats the funny thing no matter how stuck we feel we are we have the power to change it.
They say we only use 5 percent of our brains potential, try to learn something new every day, I speak seven languages, I learned to dance , sing, act , to sew, design, play piano, tuba, flute, and violin,write, photography, I learned it all by being aware of what was around me, taking chances.
Never be afraid to talk about what your doing with anyone and everyone, its called networking , and I have taken on work, lessons, etc through just putting the word out there that I was interested in something. When I had everything to place on the table that is when It all came back to me,
I was discovered by one of the top fashion pr firms as a model, this after years of being told I was fat and ugly and to pale as a child.
I was discovered by william morris as an actor and voice artist, after years of being told I was wasting my time that my dreams would never amount to anything, and that my resonant deep voice was scary.
I have discovered that people want to help you succeed if they can see your passion your drive.
So take this opportunity to show the world you can do it, leave the evil meanies behind you, the naysayers, the unsupportive past. that is baggage you can leave, like old clothes you never think of or wear again, give these things away clean out your closet and believe. You can do it, if I can so can you...
The world is a beautiful place, but its even more beautiful when you believe. Then when you believe tell the world your story because it could teach another and give them hope, we are teachers all of us, we have something to give back for the beautiful of life we have received, and laugh , laugh like you have never laughed before.


Blogger Kathleen said...

You are amazing. Your words flow into my heart and you are actually changing me. I try to use my brain to the fullest, being a singer, guitarist, animal activist, peace activist, public speaker, athleat, poet, author, and just trying to be me, not what other people want me to be, but me. I do not like alot of things in the world today, including the wars, the way religion is governing people, and alot of the music and magazines that are discriminating women. You are my hero. If I have your promission, I would love to use a quote from you for my yearbook. I am now in 8th grade. I can put a quote and a remember me it. I also get to pick a formal dress for my 8th grade graduation. That'll be fun.

Malan, you're amazing. Never be ashamed of anything. Live in the moment. Be yourself.


9:04 PM  
Blogger Kathleen said...

and if u need someone to ever talk to, I'm always listening.

10:19 PM  
Blogger CandyisDandy said...

I can barely express what this post meant to me. I am a few good years older then most of my fellow students and often feel as though time has slipped away. I often feel that I'll obviously never be good enough if I am not good enough by now. I haven't given up yet, but my hopes are always low, and that never feels good does it? This post was very inspiring, and very moving. I just wanted to thank you for it. Thank you, and remind you that you and your work are inspirations as well. You're beautiful and amazing. The world needs more like you. I wish so many good things for you.

10:44 PM  
Blogger Sandie said...

Malan, I was heartbroken when you were let go from Project Runway. I can relate to you, I really can. I am a 50 year old mother of one son, who is now 19. I'm disabled from having arthritis in both knees. I often can't go out or walk too well so I spend a good amount of time watching television and writing. I love Project Runway, because my grandfather was a tailor and I used to watch him work when I was a kid. My mom was a great sewer and I was always going with my grandfather and mother to cloth stores in Philadelphia where I grew up. When I was about 6, my grandfather made me a beautiful pink coat that I will never forget.
Malan, I have been pushed around, called names, been called a dirty Jew, all kinds of things. Four eyes for wearing glasses, fatty for being overweight, gimp for not walking too well. I know how you feel and I have to tell you that you are a light in the world. You'll go on and create your beautiful designs and make this world a better place. You have goodness, grace, and kindess on your side and that makes a person what they are. You shine with those qualities and with those and your man talents, you will go far in this world.
I often get very little support in this life from my son and husband and sometimes feel very lonely. What you have written in your blog has helped me see things in a different light. Thank you. Stay as you are Malan, the world is a better place because you are in it.
Good luck in all you ever do.

2:18 PM  
Blogger Austin said...

Malan, I can't thank you enough for posting this-
It hasn't been a great year. I've sort of woken up to how fucked up my life is. Not to be melodramatic, but my life has honestly fallen apart, or more like i've realized what my life is at this point... and i'm only 13. and i know a lot of teenagers say that, but i swear to god i'm really kind of stuck. i feel i've changed so much, but can't move on- i can identify with a lot of how you've described your childhood, and it's inspirational to see how far you've come! you know it seems like teens are constantly being told 'be yourself' which is super, but i'm always asking 'how the hell? when i don't know who i am'. but you've said it diffrently and your such an inspiration. best of luck with everything you do!

Much Love,

8:23 PM  

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