Sunday, July 09, 2006

Project Runway LA premiere

Wow! It was an amazing night , there was beauty, glamour , seasons old and new, I met icons from seasons past and people who were so lovely and responsive. my dear friend Katherine, who was lovely in my morrocan blue evening gown her grace and presence made me feel that the nervousness could just disappear. Yes I was nervous, though I have been to a million premieres, this one for some reason was much more important. I have to say I was so honoured to be amongst such a lovely group of people, though there was tension between some of us, but darling we are designers! For the most part I was so impressed by the nature of everyones demeanor. I was really taken by Kirsten she is so kind and lovely and beautiful, Guadalupe, and Raymundo were very sweet very artistic, Andrea, was so sweet and kind and then there was Daniel Franco, I was so honoured to meet him, no matter what anyone says he is so kind and amazing to chat to and for anyone to endure the show twice there is something to say for looking defeat in the eye and saying, yes but I have more to give, and his designs are stunning. Santino was so genius so kind very real, something I respect tremendously, that is hard to find in this industry we love called fashion, I met Nick briefly, very briefly. The most amazing people were the fans the people that were outside of the vip room , I went downstairs a couple of times to get a grasp of what was happening amongst the admirers of the show, they were so kind, full of praise and hope and then there was the beautiful lesbian couple that worked for the outfest organization, they were so sweet. There were promos that ran as we celebrated, OMG my eyebrows! There was also an actress there Erin Cummings, so beautiful, and genius, I hope we will become great friends. Well it was an exhausting trip I had not slept in 24 hours but I was so happy to be there. I am flying back to New York tomorow I cant wait to get home, I have a lot of work to finish, the world of fashion is not just glamour it is endless hours of promotion, creation, etc. I have decided I want to open in Los Angeles to coincide with the academy awards in February 2007, that has been my dream, one day I want to win a tony, a grammy, a cfda award, a coty, an academy award, and an emmy all in the same year, If Bob Fosse and Liza Minelli can do it so can Malan Breton! See you in NYC!


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Hello Malan, my name's Bobbie and I've just started watching Project Runway. Unfortunately, I just saw you get eliminated! I don't know how that happened... Although I think Angela was in the right and not Vincent, I would rather have seen her go than you. Anyway, I was trying to find an official website for you, and instead I found your Myspace and your blog. Ohhh the internet. Sorry about the longish babble... the actual reason I wanted to comment was that I read your comment about the beautiful lesbians. Yay for thinking lesbians are beautiful! So many men just ignore lesbians or say they are ugly. So... thanks, I guess! Maybe this whole comment is long and out of line, I don't know. I don't usually find strangers on the internet and contact them, but I guess that's what you get for being famous. :-p

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