Saturday, August 05, 2006

Do you remember?

What is the most memorable place that you have ever been a place that changed your life, your direction? What was that direction and where did you end up afterward? I was walking through the garment district today, and I suddenly remembered when I first came to New York, the most pivotal moment in my life. I was requested by Nian Fish at KCD to come to New York to audition for the Versus Spring fashion show by Gianni Versace. I walked into the Calvin Klein building on 39th street and waited in line with the most beautiful model I had ever seen her name was Alek, darlings, it was Alek Wek before she was a supermodel. I was so excited, well I spent four years in the industry as a model it was a very hard and amazing time, I think it was most amazing because I spent my entire childhood being told I was never good looking enough, being told my dreams were ridiculous. I met some of the most interesting people in art, fashion, entertainment, for one moment I was beautiful and could believe in more, it was also a very lonely time. That is when I started searching for what it was that made me happy, made me whole.
Well to get back to the garment district I found the most beautiful lace today from a mill in france, handmade like they used to do in the early centuries, I want to create beautiful gowns from it.
I have some amazing news, a little red carpet surprise keep posted I will let you know what it is.


Blogger Adria said...


I definitely remember the place and moment that changed my life. For a long time I had been trying to figure out what to do with my life. I moved to another city and got another job in the same field (I used to be an engineer,) but that wasn't the answer. So after 18 months I quit and for over a year I was unemployed and searching, trying to find what I should do. A friend who had recently obtained her teaching certificate asked me if I wanted to volunteer as a tutor at the school where she worked. One day while helping a student I realized that for the first time in a long time I felt happy and that I really loved what I was doing:-) So I decided that day to become teacher and last December I got my credentail. Teaching is an absolute joy. I love getting up everyday and working with the students and can't imagine doing anything else. All of you who are teachers know that it is a challenging career but the challenge is part of the fun and a chance to apply my problem solving skills. Maybe not as exciting as being a model but it is definitely fulfilling to me.

7:30 PM  
Blogger chombowombo said...

Well the place that probably had the biggest impact on me was church. I had always gone to Catholic church when I was young but I hated it. Well about a year ago my friend took me and a few others to attend a service at his church. It was amazing to say the least. Everyone there was just so passionate about worshipping God, and where at other churches everyone would just stand around and mouth the words here people sang them out no matter how bad they sounded. They just wanted to pour their hearts out to Him in worship. So from then on I've been trying my best to dedicate my life to God, and tomorrow I am actually going to a mission trip to Mexico to help build houses for the homeless.

I don't mean to write this to to brag or anything, but that was such a big moment of my life it would be a crime to mention anything else.

8:27 PM  
Blogger CompSciEmily said...

My month stay in Paris last Summer changed me. After learning to fend for myself in a foreign country, and hold my own in a group of 25, I went from a very shy push-over to someone who is assertive, and can stick up for herself. It also sparked my interest in improving the way people combine technology and language.

8:47 PM  
Blogger Liz said...

I was at Niagra Falls three years ago with my parents and I looked into the beautiful gushing water and I knew who I wanted to be. I knew I had to try my hardest to be the best writer I could, the best person I could. I felt so one with the world. That's why it'll always be one of my favorite places in the world to be. Despite all the glittery tourism, I can still look at it and feel home.

9:27 PM  
Blogger Teresa said...

The Majestic Theatre in New York City. It was the first time I'd ever seen a Broadway play, & it was The Phantom of the Opera. I was compltely in awe of the music and how amazing musical theatre is. From that day on, I've bought any and every broadway soundtrack that I can get my hands on. Most people would call me obsessed. But it really inspired me... I mean, I can't sing [Lord, I wish I could,] but I do play the oboe & english horn [& I'm fairly accomplished for my age, 15,] & it's just... I realized that I could actually play in the pit orchestras of these incredible plays that I love so much. The music is absolutely incedible... It gives me this amazing feeling that I can't even describe. & I've gotten the opportunity to sub in for my oboe teacher in some of the plays she's played for & it was one of the most incredible things I've ever experiences. Plus, New York & Everything about it is absolutely fabulous. So That was mine. :]

I'm sorry that was so long, I got a little carried away :P

12:40 AM  
Blogger bubbles said...

my language arts class, i was just a silly little child more interested in eyeliner and high socks that my grades or language, that class turned me around. to the elegant faux british ballroom dancing niny i am now. i love being a niny don't get me wrong, but imagine the things that wouldn't have happened had i been a pouty little punk all this time, horrid to think, no? i am very much so looking forward to this lace you mentioned i love love love lace

1:49 AM  
Blogger Evie said...

For my eighteenth birthday, my grandparents brought me to Japan for a few weeks. I had been very stressed right up until the moment I got on the plane to meet my grandparents in Chicago. My grandmother and I took a bus to a sleepy mountain village called Arima Onsen - After a day spent in the village's hot springs, walking the mountain paths (during cherry blossom season, I might add - breathtaking), purchasing hand woven baskets, and meditating on the grounds of the buddhist temple, I realized something very important.

Compared to the ancient way of life around me, my worries and difficulties seemed like a grain of sand in the hourglass of time. The experience has helped me to tone down some of my perfectionism and tendency to be a workaholic. If I hadn't taken a clue, I don't know what type of a person I'd be today. Relaxing has made following my dreams much easier :)

6:07 AM  
Blogger Jules said...

I was 7 and my school took a trip to see the symphony. I fell in love with the beautiful hall and the musicians on stage. It was then I decided I was going to be a classical musician...and I am. My music has taken me all over the world to perform and I have met some of the most wonderful people.

6:28 AM  
Blogger basquette said...

dear heart -what happened to the black swan post? i loved the graphic. anyway - the place and moment that changed my life ... arguing before the supreme court in my state as part of a moot court competition. i was second year in law school, highly creative and doubting my place in the law school, doubting my choice to change careers, thinking i was making a huge mistake - then i heard the chief justice announce the winner ... c'etait moi. i'd like to say "from then on i knew i was born to do this" but the truth is, i struggled, even after that glorious triumph. but the truth is that every day i wake up and there are more moments when i feel i am in my right place, practicing right livelihood, than moments where i feel lost and confused. so - i'm going with that.

7:46 AM  
Blogger Ava said...

That sounds wonderful. . . I don't think that there has been a place in my life where that has happened. Yet. I never consider my life going in a certain direction, so I can't recall anything that changed that direction. I can't wait to hear the news though!!


8:03 AM  
Blogger market chippie said...


as for the place? I don't think I could say...I love to travel and I want to explore the world and all its wonder. And New York is my favorite place in the world. But as for a place that changed my is every time I am on stage. I have started performing in these last fewyears, and every time I am onstage, I know again that this is what I want to do with my life.

8:43 AM  
Blogger Ides Childe said...

The place and moment that told me what I was and to have no fear: my spur of the moment trip to Manchester, UK in 1999. My friend Rayna invited me. She was a student at the acting school where I worked. I borrowed the money to get the ticket, flew in and stayed 12 glorious days with her Jamaican family. Ackee and saltfish in the morning and tea, East Enders, and The Guardian for the rest of my days. We visited her friends in Deptford, and we went to London. I had dreamed of St. James Park since I was 9 years old...but didn't know it. Deja Vu lifted me off my feet---Rayna looked at me and asked, "Have you been here? Do you know it here?" And of course, the physical answer was "no", it was my first trip to London. The spiritual answer was YES. How? Why? My father and I had had a famous argument when I was 14 and his parting shot was, "Oh, you think you're a QUEEN, don't you!" Well, I felt royal looking at Buckingham palace, KNOWING the statue of Victoria, and standing at the gates where all those flowers had been placed for Diana only two years prior at that point. "I've waited for this moment for most of my life." I told her about the dream, her jaw dropped, and she laughed her boisterous laugh which is why I love her. Never have I belonged more in a certain place at a certain time. A bit of the puzzle of "why" was given to me. Rayna told me she was glad I was in her life. I was thankful and AMAZED that it was she who gave me that moment. I took a leap of faith to travel across the ocean totally alone with very little money to visit a student whom I'd known only about 1 year. It was a marvelous gift, one I cherish. Every year since, when Rayna travels, I get postcards from where she's been. It's a bond and a lesson I never question. I remember it fondly.

9:51 AM  
Blogger andie said...

Yes, I remember. It was meeting Christine and The Phantom from Phantom of the Opera. It was the most amazing moment of my life. I myself have modeled,and it is amazing. You are beautiful, and nobody can tell you that you aren't. If there's anything you want to talk about or ask ME, I would love you to write me. Talk to you soon, (hopefully,)

11:38 AM  
Blogger c ceres merry said...

As a child I fell asleep in an apple orchard in West Virginia and woke up and it was night under the stars. I had had an amazing dream and I never wanted to leave.

I had to when the adults came looking but what I was going back to was child abuse and I knew I had to get out of that bad place and back to feeling like I did that night under the trees and stars.

If you never know those feelings exist how can you know what to live/love for? I knew it then, if I was there once I could find that feeling again. Now I knew what to look for so the journey forward had hope for a happy ending afterall.

11:38 AM  
Blogger stephentennant said...

Walking along an unremembered street in London in 1984. Just the realization that there is so much in the world to do and see and life, as corny as it sounds, is the adventure we make it.

3:45 PM  
Blogger Adria said...

does anyone know what the statue is in the picture? Just curious.

5:25 PM  
Blogger c ceres merry said...

Its a tribute to the garment workers its not of anyone in particular but to all workers in the area :)

From a Labor Landmarks list:
"Garment Worker Statue 7th Ave. & 39th St. in Manhattan New York NY A garment worker sits at his sewing machine portraying generations of immigrant needle-trades workers. The statue is in the area of New York where the garment industry has been in existence since New York became an industrial town. The statue was sponsored by the garment district, designers, manufacturers, unions and bankers."

5:41 PM  
Blogger Samantha said...

I have lived in New York all my life I was born in Manhattan and from there lived in Brooklyn, then back in Manhattan and then I moved to Staten Island. One place that changed my life was my Grandfathers store, it was called Charles place and ever since I was a child I would go inside his store all fall in love with his jewlery. Beautiful rinds and earings, sunglasses covered in rhinestones. I loved the sparkle of it all it was tastefull and it changed who I am. I became interested in the customers women from Australia and France wearing tasteful clothes, I loved what they wore. I reminded my self as I got older I wouldnt wear trashy clothes and sweatpants but get dressed up I wanted to be a gorgeous European woman, now that I am older I'm not a gorgeous European woman but I dress like one (except without the high price tags)

5:51 PM  
Blogger Sister said...

The most memorable place I ever found myself was London was I was 15. I was from a small farming community in Pennsylvania, so it was an incredibly eye opener. We were on a theater tour and I got to see utterly amazing things. It taught me a great deal about America and the world, that still shapes me to this day.

Thank you for sharing with us, I do so enjoy reading your thoughts.

6:05 PM  
Blogger Marlaina816 said...

In 2003 I was at a crossroads in my life and decided to go back to College and knew I wanted to do something fun when I grew up. hehe. So I picked Travel and Hospitality as my Major. My very first semester I feel in love with every aspect of it. The geography, the excitment of seeing a new place for the first time, etc. I've been so many exciting places in the program, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Philly, Boston, NYC, Miami, Key West, Vermont, and the White Mountains in NH. Its really opened me up to so many options in life and has taught me so much physically, mentally and spiritually. After getting diagnosed with cancer it was so nice for me to take a vaction and feel normal again, no docs, meds or treatments. Now I get to look forward to giving that to everyone else. A day or a week away from everyday life into a life of adventure and relaxation that they can treasure.

Your Brandy

8:47 PM  
Blogger Jessiqua said...

The most memorable place that i have ever been would have to be the first time I ever saw the band They Might Be Giants in concert. Now, that might seem silly at first, but I shall elaborate for you.

You see, my entire life I had been absolutely alone. No one else in my area shared any of my common interests -- for that matter, I was completely hard-pressed to find anyone who had ever even HEARD of the stuff that I was/am interested in. So, when I walked into the doors of the Seattle Moore Theature and looked around, I saw people that knew what I was talking about when I spoke. I saw people who had common interests -- and through this common interest, there was an obvious and strong brotherhood among every person in that club. And that bond was so strong and amazing. I won't be able to ever forget that feeling. And, to top it all off, I got the chance to have a discussion with John Flansburgh and John Linnell (the two band members in They Might Be Giants) after the concert -- and to talk to two of the men that you've looked up to your entire life is simply an amazing experience.

I think that after that concert, the constant feeling of lonliness that had previously followed me around just left. Even though I was alone again once I got back home, I knew (and still know) that I have a brotherhood somewhere, and just knowing that somewhere there's a group of people who share my interests and loves, that somewhere there's a place that I belong is freeing.

- Jessiqua.

PS - I'm proud of you for not giving up on your dreams even though you were told that they were ridiculous. You're an amazing inspiration.

9:33 PM  
Blogger Metro Librarian said...

It was sitting on the balcony of a Gaudi apartment, enjoying ice cream, listening to the urban landscape and music below, as the sun set over Barcelona in the Summer of 1989. The world tilted toward such extreme beauty for a brief moment that it and I have never been the same since. Something was released and something was gained - it was just one of those inspiring beats-in-time that become inexplicably unforgettable among every other moment that goes by.

10:55 PM  
Blogger theycallmelilsteph said...

I wish I culd say that there was a certain place and time that changed my life, but to be quite honest, there have been too many little things that have done that! But actually, I can think of one, and that is, when I met the best friend I could ever have! Anyways, her name is Mary Ellis and I don't know what I would do without her! I was 13 and had made in into the Florida All-State Chorus and so had she. I had another good friend named Chris and I wished he had made it in, because it was only us two from our school. But surprisingly, when we were out for pizza the first night, M.E. and I were talking about funny things that Chris did and we laughed so unbelievably hard that my stomach hurt afterwards. I soon discovered that we had tons in common, and I can say that it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Theres many more that happened at my church, with other friends, etc. but it would just be way too long!

8:22 AM  
Blogger Anyacat said...

LONDON, barely out of my teens and I ran away to London. Immediately after checking in to the grim hostel that would be home for the next few months, I went to Picadilly Circus, and a doorman, watching as I took a photo asked where I was from and why I was in London in February. Upon hearing my story, he said, "It's not what you are running from that's important. It's what you are running to."

9:16 AM  
Blogger Miranda said...

I think one of the more pivotal moments in my life was my first "real" day out in NYC with my dad. The friday after thanksgiving we stood in the line for the 1/2 price TKTS booth, got tickets to a matinee of Chicago, saw a movie, dropped into a museum (MOMA, I think) and the 5th Ave library, then went to another show in the evening (Showboat, I think). That was the first day I really appreciated the entirety of the city, the comfort of being with my dad, and the massive possibilities of the world around me.

12:10 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Preforming at the Hollywood Bowl. I fell in love with Hollywood. I fell in love with being on stage. I've always loved being on stage, but The Hollywood Bowl is the stage of all stages. I could feel the audience wanting me to do my best, cheering me on the whole way....And then seeing the joy in the faces after the show...I am totally addicted to it now.

9:36 PM  
Blogger grudge girl said...

I will never forget the summer I went to Paris by myself for 10 days. The most pivotal moment of that whole amazing trip was the day I walked into St. Chapelle. I had to sit down on a bench and weep for the sheer beauty of the place. I'm not even religious, in any traditional sense, but the experience of this cathedral put me in touch with a sense of what is sacred. Its beauty is unearthly. I've never before or since been moved to tears by a building. I will never forget how I felt like I was experiencing something divine there. It was blissful.

9:25 PM  

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