Saturday, July 29, 2006

A photograph from my night singing

So darlings, a friend sent me an image of my singing at Birdland the other night, they have an open mike there for all musicians no matter if you are a celebrity or an aspiring performer, that is amazing! Sometimes Liza Minelli sings, sometimes my friend Michael Feinstein, The range is amazing I really love New York for its diversity. If you are ever there and see me come say hello.

(image by Mark Rupp,

Thursday, July 27, 2006

one thing?

If there were one thing you all could do just once what would it be? I just want you to know I have been reading all of your responses, you have all been so gracious. One day we should all sit at dinner and just talk about life and our journey and what we dream for, We can all achieve anything we set out to, I met two students tonight who were so excited to be going to Parson's, they want to be succesful I could see all of my dreams in their eyes. Just remember work really hard be an original create new shapes, use new textures, make it your own, and you can accomplish anything you dream. There was a girl who just wanted a nice birthday. If I could buy you a cake and a million presents, but the greatest gift is that which is inside your heart, So from my heart to yours Happy Birthday. I heard some amazing music tonight, a new cd of a new friend, so moving and melodic.
Do me a favour tell me about one item that you think is the greatest thing you have ever worn. lets keep this G rated, hehe, but what is your favourite item of clothing? My favourite piece in my wardrobe is a Magenta cotton blazer I made for myself. If you ever have a rough day look in the mirror smile and say I am gorgeous, because you are. Have a good nights sleep darlings, I cant wait to hear your responses.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Wednesday, for no real reason has always been my favourite day of the week, I think because its purely a moment where you can see what has been accomplished and what needs to be done by Friday, that being said, my darlings, this seasons show Is going to so beautiful, I was going over sketches today and fabrics etc. Every single one of these pieces are so full of light and colour, it is going to be the best collection I have ever shown, and get excited because I am going to give you something that will change your formal wardrobe forever, something so beautiful elegant and sexy , but something you would never imagine wearing to a formal event. Wait to be surprised it will be worth it...

I have heard so many inspiring stories today from teachers, students , mothers, sons, daughters, artists, musicians, vintners, etc. I think everyone from all walks of life should feel a part of this, because if it were not for all of us there would be nothing to aspire to nothing new to discover. I remember reading about a dinner party dali went to where there were artists and people of all walks of life and the conversation flowed for hours and everyone learned something more about themself through another persons eyes. That is what life should be, there should be no judgement because we are all trying to accomplish something greater then we dreamed yesterday. If I were a fisherman or a chemist or a rubbish collector I would still find interest in everyones life. Never judge by what you see on the outside because inside the filling could be quite lovely! Goodnight and sweet dreams, maybe in the morning you will wake and find yourself one step closer to what you dream tonight, but dont give up trying...

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I beg of you

I need to ask a really big favour, I love your adoration of the show and I love that I am meeting all of you. Please can you not ask me what happens, I dont know, if I did I would still be there, it just makes me very sad to think that my experience is over, I really enjoyed being there with all of those people, they were all so lovely, and I love Tim and Heidi and so much. I was so sad when I had to go, please lets talk about other things, like you.

Monday, July 24, 2006


I went to an open mike tonight and sang, it was so therapeutic, there is an old standard I love called bewitched, it makes me remember the happiest times in my life, wow they were amazing. Oh well, it was really nice, I wonder how many of my new friends are singers, dancers, etc. I remember reading that kathleen battle never found her voice until she was 26, never trained. That is amazing, well I must sleep, but I hope you all have beautiful dreams.

Miss Universe 2006

I watched the pageant last night , I was so excited to see Kayne and Roberts dress, it was so beautiful, I was so proud , that two of my new friends were up there showcasing their beautiful workmanship, and Tara looked so confident up there. I do not watch many pageants but I had to support them all, my new friends.
I also adored ms Puerto Rico she was so beautiful, and miss Japan I love that we speak the same languages, what an amazing night! I did not see Kayne or Robert there did any of you? What an amazing experience that must have been for them. It is the beginning of a new chapter a new week, its time to let go of the sadness of last week and get ready for great things to come, I hope you all had an amazing weekend.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Saturday morning at one am

Sitting here in my smoking jacket remembering my day, How amazing it has been, I have been surrounded with love , through emails, and personal contact,thank you. I went out tonight to a small restaurant called Barbutto in the west village, the italian food there is amazing, it was a night so beautiful the sunset and summer in new york, what had happened this week? I am really excited though, I am preparing a really beautiful collection for September fashion week, this will be the show that blows all shows away, a multimedia event that no other has ever dreamed. I am concerned of my tv experience. I have to be strong and believe, it will all be amazing. I remember when I first came to New York in the 90's. I was so amazed it was so grande, in a way so different from any other city I had ever lived in, and very hard, but the city provided and I grew to be strong,not to mention the events, red carpets,galleries it has been amazing. I have suddenly become so tired, I think its carbohydrates, but dinner was amazing, I love Italian. I heard so many of your stories tonight, your lifes experiences, I am so honoured that you have shared them with me please dont give up on this, if we all try, we can make our future a beautiful place. Dont be afraid, fear keeps us from our dreams, I remember once being so ashamed of what I experienced as a child that I could not focus on my goals because there was so much pain, there is no need to ponder that, it still hurts but the brain is a muscle and like our bodies we can better our thoughts of ourselves. There is one dress I am so in love with for this collection, any woman who wears it will look like a goddess, I wonder what models I will use this season, I really would love to have linda evangelista, she is so beautiful , I remember all of those shots Steven meisel did of her in the 90's he was brilliant, I think when you find such beauty like I did in Bronwen you are so inspired it helps you grow as an artist.I remember meeting Steven a few times, I really enjoy his energy and photography, but I really love what Len prince did with me, and bruce, wow I never looked so beautiful. I always wish I had studied or mentored with someone, but my ideas were so strong I was afraid I would stop growing and lose myself in their art, which would have made me really unhappy, I got a call from my agent today, I love William Morris, well I have been approached by three other agencies after this show, I am prepared for more , I really want my show,I see how many of you are searching as I did, I want to be there for you. I would also love to dance on broadway again, I miss the theatre. I dont mind working really hard I have a great team around me that if I had to do a six month contract I could it would not hinder my designs by any means, I remember creating when all of my energies were stimulated, the work and flow was beautiful. Well this has been a huge week , maybe I will go to the beach tomorow, I find such peace in the ocean and the movement of water is so inspiring. Besides I need to be around nature right now, this week was really sad. Maybe I should sell all of my couture samples and start fresh, its great feng shui, Chin up darlings and believe you can do it and you will succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

Friends :)

To all of my new and beautiful friends around the world, please stay in touch and tell me more about you , your lives etc. I know internet friends often never speak but lets all stay in touch, we all come from such interesting places each with our own story.There is a great chance for us all to grow together, Believe in your dreams and who you are and write me. I have always wanted to go on Oprah and tell my story to inspire the world to make everyone believe they could be great no matter where you are now, just believe!

Thursday, July 20, 2006


It is hard for me to type right now, i have been so honoured with your amazing kindness, my tears unfortunately will not stop. i will be writing to each and every one of you to say thank you as soon as I can. Remember, no obstacle is so great that it should ever keep you from your dream. "Believe and in your heart you know, that no one can change the path that you must go."
I love you all, thank you, I have never known such love in my life. thank you.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Maybe this will explain

"There was a boy
A very strange
Enchanted boy
They say he wondered very far
Very far
Over land and Sea
A little shy
And sad of eyes
But very wise
Was he

And then one day
One magic day
He passed my way
And as we spoke of many things
Fools and Kings
This he said to me
The greatest thing
You'll ever learn
Is Just to love
And be loved in return

The greatest thing
You'll ever learn
Is just to love
And be loved in return

Il y avait un garçon...
Un garçon enchanté très étrange.
Ils disent qu'il a erré très loin, très loin
Terre et mer finies,
Peu un timide et triste de l'oeil
Mais très sage était il.

Et puis un jour,
Un jour magique, il a passé ma manière.
Et tandis que nous parlions de beaucoup de choses,
Imbéciles et rois,
Ceci qu'il a dit à moi,
"la plus grande chose que vous apprendrez jamais
Est juste pour aimer et être a aimé dans le retour."

"la plus grande chose que vous apprendrez jamais
Est juste pour aimer et être a aimé dans le retour."


一魔術的天, 他通過了我的方式。


Ci era un ragazzo...
Un ragazzo incantato molto sconosciuto.
Dicono che ha vagato molto lontano, molto lontano
Terra e mare eccessivi,
Poco un timido e triste dell'occhio
Ma molto saggio era.

Ed allora un giorno,
Un giorno magico, ha passato il mio senso.
E mentre abbiamo parlato di molte cose,
Sciocchi e re,
Ciò che ha detto a me,
"la cosa che più grande impariate mai
È giusto amare ed essere amava nel ritorno."

"la cosa che più grande impariate mai
È giusto amare ed essere amava nel ritorno."

男の子が... あった

そして次に1 日、


Había un muchacho...
Un muchacho encantado muy extraño.
Dicen que él vagó muy lejos, muy lejos
Tierra y mar excesivos,
Un poco tímido y triste de ojo
Pero muy sabio era él.

Y entonces un día,
Un día mágico, él pasó mi manera.
Y mientras que hablamos de muchas cosas,
Tontos y reyes,
Esto que él dijo a mí,
"la cosa más grande que usted aprenderá siempre
Es justo amar y ser amó en vuelta."

"la cosa más grande que usted aprenderá siempre
Es justo amar y ser amó en vuelta."

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Project runway New York Premiere Party

What an amazing night, it was hot, humid, all of us dressed in our newest and most flattering, for the most part. Heidi looked stunning, Tim looked amazing, And the casts of seasons present and past wow! I think I took a picture of every person who wanted to have a picture taken with me, I want to remember all of them , they are the reason for our success. Buddha bar was beautiful, I was amazed at how many friends old and new were there and there was a slew of reporters, This is my life, and has been for years but tonight was all more special because it was our night to be celebrated. I wore one of my suits, I am really enjoying wearing magenta this season, I am so honoured to be amongst such a great group of people, you , the public. I love America and all it is, You know, if I had a choice I would say this country is so diverse and beautiful, and the people, amazing! So tonight is the premiere, I am nervous I have not seen any of it, I lived it! I have a heap of pictures to load up so when I do you will see the parties from my cameras eye, until then, watch what happens!!! Uli was interviewed in German last night, Languages are such a vital part of the world today I speak seven. I am glad to see project runway crossing over to so many countries...

Monday, July 10, 2006

new york new york!

I got home today after a whirlwind weekend, Los angeles was amazing, I realised it is time for me to start travelling again more frequently, work has taken over my life. I am sitting watching Moulin Rouge perhaps the most brilliant display of art , colour an orgasm for the senses, etc. Why it was not more recognised I do not understand. I have suddenly thought of something I want to work with Baz Lurhmann maybe he could direct one of my shorts or better yet he could direct and produce my show at Paris couture, what an amazing dream to work towards. I want to see a rennaisance in art and fashion and film a dream that many of us share, I dont know how many more groll productions of mediocrity I can ingest. I remember hearing nicole sing one day i'll fly away in 2001 and thinking, god I want so much more in life , I want to accomplish all of my dreams and not be a part of the lost souls who have thrown away all of their dreams because they stopped believing, it makes me sad to see that. I remember after 9-11 having nothing not even a job, my grandmother (my best friend ) had died, and seeing this film and realising that if i put my mind to it i could accomplish what I set out to. I started creating fashion I taught myself Photography and used my art and what was inside of me to create, I dealt with my sorrow of this great loss. The show must go on and it did, I started to believe again that I could do it, I Have high hopes , big dreams, but why dream small when if you can imagine something why cant you have it. The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return, love with all of your heart and give that love to family, friends, your art, etc. I remember meeting Baz at the la boheme opening party, I had worn a pair of my hand embroidered trousers, that was the night I decided to start designing clothing, the response was amazing, I also remember becoming friendly with Amanda Lurhmann, what an amazing family of beautiful, kind people, thank you for giving us something to dream and aspire to.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Project Runway LA premiere

Wow! It was an amazing night , there was beauty, glamour , seasons old and new, I met icons from seasons past and people who were so lovely and responsive. my dear friend Katherine, who was lovely in my morrocan blue evening gown her grace and presence made me feel that the nervousness could just disappear. Yes I was nervous, though I have been to a million premieres, this one for some reason was much more important. I have to say I was so honoured to be amongst such a lovely group of people, though there was tension between some of us, but darling we are designers! For the most part I was so impressed by the nature of everyones demeanor. I was really taken by Kirsten she is so kind and lovely and beautiful, Guadalupe, and Raymundo were very sweet very artistic, Andrea, was so sweet and kind and then there was Daniel Franco, I was so honoured to meet him, no matter what anyone says he is so kind and amazing to chat to and for anyone to endure the show twice there is something to say for looking defeat in the eye and saying, yes but I have more to give, and his designs are stunning. Santino was so genius so kind very real, something I respect tremendously, that is hard to find in this industry we love called fashion, I met Nick briefly, very briefly. The most amazing people were the fans the people that were outside of the vip room , I went downstairs a couple of times to get a grasp of what was happening amongst the admirers of the show, they were so kind, full of praise and hope and then there was the beautiful lesbian couple that worked for the outfest organization, they were so sweet. There were promos that ran as we celebrated, OMG my eyebrows! There was also an actress there Erin Cummings, so beautiful, and genius, I hope we will become great friends. Well it was an exhausting trip I had not slept in 24 hours but I was so happy to be there. I am flying back to New York tomorow I cant wait to get home, I have a lot of work to finish, the world of fashion is not just glamour it is endless hours of promotion, creation, etc. I have decided I want to open in Los Angeles to coincide with the academy awards in February 2007, that has been my dream, one day I want to win a tony, a grammy, a cfda award, a coty, an academy award, and an emmy all in the same year, If Bob Fosse and Liza Minelli can do it so can Malan Breton! See you in NYC!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Tuesday in Montauk, LOL...

The air clean the sound of the ocean waves crashing against the sand, this is living, but wait what am I doing I have a major event coming up. But this peace is necesary, I am preparing the most beautiful gown for a major celebrity right now and it is in manhattan and I am here doing what? I love the hamptons in the summer, but its nothing like Hawaii, my first home on my own. What a melancholy day, I cannot wait to see the fireworks. I think I will retreat to st tropez this summer or maybe ibiza, what a wonderful idea, but I am overwhelmed with work. I think I need a swim,I designed the hottest bathing suits for men this summer I am wearing one its so sexy, I could use a good waxing right now LOL, the sun is hidden in fog, a great and beautiful occurance just happened, a bird just defecated on my shoulder, you know they say that is good luck. It reminds me of a date I went on in NYC once I left my date at the subway and I felt a splat on my face and wiped not even looking, well I proceeded to a taxi the taxi driver asked me where I was going, I did not know why he was laughing, well I got to my flat and ran upstairs saying hello to all the neighbors,I did not understand why they were staring well I got to my house and went into the bathroom. this pigeon must have eaten a small village , I had bird feces all the way down my face and on my head, I am due for a lot of good luck, LOL...

Monday, July 03, 2006

Hope for a world in sadness! this will change your life

My favourite movies are silent black and white films, with grand sets, thousands of extras and beautifully orchestrated music that evokes emotion as the film peaks its story. My favourite is "Modern Times" by a multimedia mogul perhaps the earliest Charlie Chaplin a genius man who wrote directed orchestrated and starred in all of his own films also creating one of the worlds most memorable characters, the tramp,. Nearly Ninety years after his creation of this character I dressed in a tramp costume I designed for halloween and people from all walks of life all ethnicities, races knew the character and there was such excitement, if there was a modern day character that brought such joy and hope in a time where the world was suffering, sort of like now, would we remember it as well. I wonder...
Do what you can , smile at someone you would not normally , say hello to someone you dont know, lift up your chin and say I can do it I can change my life for the better and my world for the better, never believe that there is no hope because once upon a time I had nothing and now after years of taking baby steps, my world has begun..
When someone says you will never succeed in your dream say yes I will, as a child I never had support for what I believed in but I believed in me and I did it. The world is full of diversity everyone is beautiful and intelligent in their own way be you straight, gay, fat, thin, the norm or not. Who is to say what the norm should be, you are who you are, believe in that dont try to change for others or try to please them because in the end no matter how hard you try they are never happy and you are miserable.
Love what and who you are , and if you dont, take a deep look at what it is that is making you unhappy and change it, but thats the funny thing no matter how stuck we feel we are we have the power to change it.
They say we only use 5 percent of our brains potential, try to learn something new every day, I speak seven languages, I learned to dance , sing, act , to sew, design, play piano, tuba, flute, and violin,write, photography, I learned it all by being aware of what was around me, taking chances.
Never be afraid to talk about what your doing with anyone and everyone, its called networking , and I have taken on work, lessons, etc through just putting the word out there that I was interested in something. When I had everything to place on the table that is when It all came back to me,
I was discovered by one of the top fashion pr firms as a model, this after years of being told I was fat and ugly and to pale as a child.
I was discovered by william morris as an actor and voice artist, after years of being told I was wasting my time that my dreams would never amount to anything, and that my resonant deep voice was scary.
I have discovered that people want to help you succeed if they can see your passion your drive.
So take this opportunity to show the world you can do it, leave the evil meanies behind you, the naysayers, the unsupportive past. that is baggage you can leave, like old clothes you never think of or wear again, give these things away clean out your closet and believe. You can do it, if I can so can you...
The world is a beautiful place, but its even more beautiful when you believe. Then when you believe tell the world your story because it could teach another and give them hope, we are teachers all of us, we have something to give back for the beautiful of life we have received, and laugh , laugh like you have never laughed before.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Malan Fall 06 Couture

model julia APM

My 3 Muses

In greek mythology, the muses were the daughters of Zues, there were nine. They symbolised each part of the arts and facilitated a means to creating and showing the world that art. I have three so far.(bottom, Abby Lopez-Kearney age 2 as held by the gorgeous Melissa Garcia boss models) Bronwen Coleman:

Nicalina Borrelli:


new spring 06 tears

NEW Tears for Spring '06 enjoy!!!

hx magazine gay pride

Ladies and gents, gay pride in nyc is an event for all no matter what gender you are, well guess what, I designed forty individual costumes for the HX Magazine gay pride float here is a sample, Mon Arlequin!
more to come...

fall '06 preview

(models top to bottom melody, cally mmg, maggy apm, chelsie fusion, shannon fusion)